The How and Why Of Paul Richard Thomas

Kon'nichiwa. Paul Richard Thomas is a liar and a thief, a supervillain in a world without heroes; a Scarlett Johansson-obsessed man awaiting the bullet or sexual assault he is surely due who, if he had to describe himself in three words (as he often has to), would say: killer alien vagina. Sayōnara


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The last seventeen minutes of last nights game at QPR were shameful. Hopefully Kenny will dock their pay for that abortion. Our young Uruguayan defender Sebastián Coates Nion’s breath-taking scissor kick goal, his first for LFC, was the only highlight. Surely goal of the season, never mind a contender. If Wayne Rooney had scored that we’d have March 21st off every year from now on, just look at the fuss his scuffed off-the-shin scissor kick against Man City caused.

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