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Could this be Sheffield United’s next starting xi?

With Ched Evans maybe on his way back to Sheffield United despite being a convicted rapist it makes you wonder about their transfer policy. But just look at these other rumours…

  • Ched Evans (from HMP Wymott - free transfer)
  • Dave Lee Travis (suspended - free transfer)
  • Chris Huhne (free agent)
  • Vicky Pryce (free agent)
  • Max Clifford (HMP Leyhill)
  • Rolf Harris (HMP Stafford)
  • Andy Coulson (HMP Hollesley Bay)
  • Oscar Pistorius (undisclosed, thought to be Kgosi Mampuru II)

Dave Lee Travis could be a canny signing as goalkeeper because he’s good with his hands; Chris Huhne is a real speedster; and the smartest move could be for Rolf Harris as he’s been playing with the under nineteens so should be in a bit of form.

Lets see how the new team could shape up then shall we?

  • (4-4-1-1 formation)
  • Dave Lee Travis
  • Chris Huhn, Rolf Harris, Stuart Hall, Vicky Pryce
  • Bernie Madoff, Max Clifford, Oscar Pistorius, Cliff Richard
  • Andy Coulson
  • Ched Evans

In the middle Max Clifford likes to go from box to box and alongside him we could see Oscar Pistorius - and he’ll shoot from anywhere! Ched Evans could be up front to score of course and we know he needs no second invitation. Or a first. And in behind him is Andy coulson, he loves his number ten role, well he did until his lengthy ban for too much hacking.

Kindness ft. Devonte Hynes and Tawiah, "Why Don’t You Love Me?"

I’ve long been looking forward to Adam Bainbridge’s sophomore album and it hasn’t disappointed. On an album packed full of great songs this is most likely the greatest. The Blood Orange frontman’s silky fingerprints are to be seen in every element here, yet a little more unexpected is the baseline which appears midway through. When everything seems to have reached height that’ll continue through right until the end, this low-end synth line crops up out of seemingly nowhere to take the song somewhere else altogether. It’s lovely stuff, and Tawiah’s vocals when she belts out the high notes towards the end are stunning. A fantastically wonderful song on an album of the highest quality.

I need your comfortable shoes, your trousers and your walking stick!

Closer to his 70s than his 60s, Arnold Schwarzenegger returns to the movie series that made his name next summer, as he takes a lead role in Alan Taylor’s Terminator: Genesys movie. There’s still confusion as to how the Terminator will have aged though, but thankfully the man who created him, James Cameron, has come to our aid…

"I pointed out that the outer covering was actually not synthetic, that it was organic and therefore could age." He continued, adding that "you could theoretically have a Terminator that was sent back in time, missed his target, and ended up just kind of living on in society. Because he is a learning computer and has a brain as a central processor he could actually become more human as he went along without getting discovered."

All of a sudden the British Government makes sense, doesn’t it?

A Christmas advert. On October 19th. Jesus fucking Christ.

Queens Park Rangers 2 Liverpool 3

Eighty-nine minutes of absolute boredom isn’t being over the top. QPR should have been 3-0 up before half-time as we looked utter shite. We made the worst team in the league - by miles - look like Real Madrid. God knows what we’ll make Real look like next week. I’m so looking forward to Ronaldo, Benzema, Bale, Kroos, Rodriguez and Hernandez running at our defence. The only way we’ll win that is if it’s about 10-9.


As I said, the bottom side should have been winning comfortably before Richard Dunne comically put through his own net (after some fast thinking from Glen Johnson so credit to him, if he only he thought that quick from a defensive point of view). This came after a pathetic miss by Mario Balotelli which, temporarily, awakened us from our slumber.

Sadly we all knew what would happen next as with the ninetieth-minute approaching we let QPR score from a set-piece with some schoolboy defending, Eduardo Vargas with the finish. What nobody was expecting was Philippe Coutinho going right down the other end of the pitch and scoring to give us the lead back. Game over as we hit injury time, surely? Of course not, we’re shit. We let Vargas score a second from the kick-off with another easily predictable set piece.


Thankfully the one thing we have going for us is that we always stumble on and after a Steven Gerrard-esque free kick (in other words, shit) from QPR the ball fell to Raheem Sterling who hit a terrible ball behind an open Balotelli which thankfully hit the desperately unlucky Steven Caulker and went in. It was hilarious but sad.


QPR deserved all three points yet we got them. To be honest I feel embarrassed that we took anything off them. Won’t complain but my word, we are dreadful. Real Madrid are going to annihilate us.

Any optimism I had of us keeping a clean sheet is now gone. What the fuck is Graham (Johnson) doing anywhere near our side?

Any optimism I had of us keeping a clean sheet is now gone. What the fuck is Graham (Johnson) doing anywhere near our side?

Platinum 67 - Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition

When I played Sleeping Dogs on the PS3 at the start of the year it was a big and pleasant surprise how good the game was. With this graphically superior Definitive Edition, the surprise has obviously dissipated, but that doesn’t take away from what United Front Games achieved here. Playing through the game again it reminded me how much I enjoyed its excellently cheesy story and characters, combat, and city, but also made me pine for a true new-gen sequel. The differences here might not be worth paying for a second time, but if you missed out on this great open-world action game the first time, you sshouldn’trepeat that mistake. Just don’t let the stupid camera when reversing in a vehicle and the dreadfully dull three DLC story add-on (included here) put you off.

PSN IDRastamadeus - feel free to add me.

Honne, "All In the Value" - Honne really might just be my favourite new band in many a year, possibly since Wild Beasts back in 2007.

Crackling radio intro, wheezing keyboards and a placid backing track start off the duo’s second single, a softened, mellow affair, with starry-eyed exoticness conveyed by the musically accented chorus of glitzing bass and guitar. “All In the Value” pours in the track’s husky vocals and Frank Ocean’s laid back and luxurious strain of RnB, bringing it together with the pompous glamour of yacht rock, which is closely reprised by a crisp, serenading guitar solo.

Premier League 2014/15 round eight predictions

Manchester City 4 Tottenham Hotspur 1
Arsenal 2 Hull City 0
Burnley 0 West Ham United 1
Crystal Palace 1 Chelsea 3
Everton 1 Aston Villa 0
Newcastle United 1 Leicester City 1
Southampton 4 
Sunderland Athletic 0 (feel this could be a massacre)

Queen’s Park Rangers 0 Liverpool 1
Stoke City 1 Swansea City 2

West Bromwich Albion 1 Manchester United 1


A fortnight ago I got six correct predictions with two perfect score (Liverpool 2 WBA 1 and Sunderland 3 Stoke 1). Overall I’ve had fifteen perfect scores this season.


As for Liverpool, well we finally had a much welcomed win in the league. Jordan Henderson was at the heart of everything and showed he is becoming our most vital midfielder. He defends, he attacks, he creates and he’s starting to score.

Next we have QPR away and if we can’t beat them then there is something seriously wrong with us and everyone needs sacking. They are the worst side in the league by a mile and managed by someone who is, yet again, proving he’s a charlatan. Sadly we’ll have to do without Danny Sturridge after another injury meaning he’s out for a month. Mario Balotelli needs a partner to feed of if he is to thrive so I hope the much maligned Fabio Borini is played along side him. What harm can it do? And we desperately need two wins in a row as we are going to get an absolute twatting on Wednesday against Real Madrid. I’ll think I’ll wash my hair that night…

A rainbow cloud appeared over Harry’s school as I picked him and his friend Gus up this afternoon. Every kid in the playground was fascinated by it.

A rainbow cloud appeared over Harry’s school as I picked him and his friend Gus up this afternoon. Every kid in the playground was fascinated by it.

How many Rupees does it take to fill the tank?

That does it then - Epona is officially obsolete. Nintendo has released this image of Link donning his Mario Kart 8 motorbike (part of the first DLC pack, which I whinney miss out on - neigh way) which surely spells doom for his loyal but inferior example of organic transportation.

It’s called the Master Cycle (see what they did there?) and just to rub salt into the wounds of Link’s long-serving and now redundant four-legged friend, the bike itself has been formed into the shape of a horse.

Look, Epona, you had a good run. But your utter refusal to leap from high cliffs or enter deep waters always bothered me. And won’t even run fast without a carrot.

Anonymous asked: Hi blake...

I like how you see my name is Paul Richard Thomas and then call me Blake. Excellent brain work there on your behalf Anonymous.

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New Lupin III anime news makes Paul very happy :3

News straight from this years MIPCOM (Marché Internationale de Programmes Communications) in Cannes is that a new Lupin III TV series is on the way! It’s been nearly three decades since the iconic series ended.


The series features a blue-jacket wearing Lupin, much like in the recent Takeshi Koike spin-off feature film, The Gravestone of Daisuke Jigen, and will take place in Italy and San Marino.


The series is set to have its world première on Italy’s RTI channel next spring. The show will feature a lovely new art style and much of the exciting, humorous hi-jinx seen in the 1977 - 1980 Shin Lupin series. It looks like all the gang will be making an appearance, including Inspector Zenigata and the Fiat 500.


Words to describe my excitement are failing me. EEP!

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